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    1. “Lady Luck Like The Bee Gees” (Beat Instrumental, June 4) Added by Anne Marie
    2. “The children of rock belt the blues” (New York Times, July) Added by VallyVal
    3. “Bee Gees may give you ‘World’ next!” (NME, October 14) Added by Anne Marie
    4. “Bee Gees in Close Up” (Disc and Music Echo, October 28) Added by Anne Marie
    5. “Bee Gees’ music for six films” (Disc and Music Echo, October 28) Added by Anne Marie


    1. “Bee Gees’ secret jet trip to Hanover” (NME, January 10) Added by Alice DiJoseph
    2. “Screams, squeals welcome Bee Gees” (New York Times, January 29) Added by VallyVal
    3. “Jungle book to the Bee Gees” (Record Mirror, February 3) Added by Chis
    4. “Million-dollar Bee Gees’ US tour” (Record Mirror, February 17) Added by Alice DiJoseph
    5. “Bee Gees ‘Words’ mystery” (NME, February 24) Added by Anne Marie
    6. “Inside the Bee Gees: Maurice Gibb” (Hit Parader, February)
    7. “Big night for the Bee Gees” (NME, April 6) Added by Anne Marie
    8. “Meanwhile, backstage” (NME, April 6) Added by Anne Marie
    9. “Offensive Bee Gees TV play?” (NME, April) Added by Anne Marie
    10. “Who said the Bee Gees were the new Beatles?” (Disc & Music Echo, April 27) Added by Anne Marie
    11. “Bee Gees take over Tony’s TV show” (Disc & Music Echo, April 27) Added by Anne Marie
    12. “It’s the song not the group says Barry Gibb” (Beat Instrumental, May 13) Added by Anne Marie
    13. “How the Bee Gees bug the Beatles” (Teen Magazine, May)
    14. “Bee Gee Barry leaves the menagerie” (Disc & Music Echo, June 29) Added by Anne Marie
    15. “Bee Gees: London show, LP and single” (Disc & Music Echo, June 29) Added by Anne Marie
    16. “New Mrs Bee Gee” (Disc & Music Echo, July 6) Added by Anne Marie
    17. “Bee Gees to repeat big Albert Hall concert” (Disc & Music Echo, July 13) Added by Anne Marie
    18. “Can Bee Gees afford another flop?” (Disc and Music Echo, July 27) Added by Anne Marie
    19. “Bee Gee Barry says: No wonder Robin collapsed” (Disc & Music Echo, August 2) Added by Anne Marie
    20. “Robin better; Bee Gees to US” (Disc and Music Echo, August 10) Added by Anne Marie
    21. “Barry: Important we have respect” (NME, August 10) Added by Anne Marie
    22. “Fan gives Bee Gees a blast” (Disc & Music Echo, August 10) Added by Anne Marie
    23. “Bee Gees laugh off the split rumours” (NME, August 24) Added by Anne Marie
    24. “Bee Gees find who had them in his show” (Disc & Music Echo, August 31) Added by Anne Marie
    25. “Bee Gee Barry will not quit the group!” (Disc and Music Echo, September 14) Added by Anne Marie
    26. “Barry reveals Bee Gees plans and takes you round his penthouse pad” (NME, October 12) Added by Chis
    27. “I’ve never been 100 percent a Bee Gee – Vince” (NME, November 2) Added by Anne Marie
    28. “I want more respect – Barry” (NME, December 7) Added by Anne Marie
    29. “Progress before money – Vince” (NME, December 7) Added by Anne Marie


    1. “Gee, Dave Dee disc delays” (NME, January 4) Added by Anne Marie
    2. “Lulu and Maurice want five kids, but no honeymoon!” (NME, Jan 4) Added by Anne Marie
    3. “The new man who is Bee Gee Barry” (NME, February 15) Added by Alice DiJoseph
    4. “Lulu Maurice – 3,000 turn up for quiet wedding” (NME, February 22) Added by Anne Marie
    5. “Lulu by Maurice on first anniversary” (NME, March 1) Added by Anne Marie
    6. “Marriage might end Bee Gees feuding” (NME, March 1) Added by Anne Marie
    7. “Oh brother, you’re famous,” Says Andy Gibb (Fab 208, April)
    8. “I can’t see the group continuing without Robin…” (Record Mirror, May 17) Added by Anne Marie
    9. “Maurice may say No to Hair role” (Disc and Music Echo, May 31)
    10. “Robin Gibb settlement” (NME, June 21) Added by Alice DiJoseph
    11. “Bee Gee Maurice plays up-tempo raver” (NME, June 21) Added by Chis
    12. “Lulu and Maurice: Stars that are happiest at home” (Disc & Music Echo, June 28) Added by Anne Marie
    13. “Robin Gibb’s back – Still digging the Bee Gees” (Disc & Music Echo, June 28) Added by Anne Marie
    14. “When Aston was Maurice’s only friend” (Disc & Music Echo, July)
    15. “Bee Gees, Lulu, Dave Dee in the fantasy world of dreams” (NME, August 23) Added by Anne Marie
    16. “Gees hit by mud and theft” (NME, August 23) Added by Anne Marie
    17. “Gibb contrasts” (NME, August 30) Added by Anne Marie
    18. “My wife comes second to me” (NME, August 30) Added by Anne Marie
    19. “‘Two don’t add up to a group,’ says Barry Gibb” (Disc and Music Echo, September)
    20. “I nearly died” (Fab 208, October)


    1. “Together!” (NME, November 14) Added by Anne Marie
    2. “Cucumber Castle goes on without Robin…” (NME, November 14) Added by Anne Marie
    3. “The Mo in Moby means more for Maurice!” (NME, November 14) Added by Anne Marie
    4. “Record breaker first single” (NME, November 14) Added by Anne Marie
    5. “Bee Gees: Two other people” (NME, November 14) Added by Anne Marie


    1. “We’re not blind, we broke the magic – Admit Bee Gees” (NME, January 2) Added by Anne Marie
    2. “Will US success help Bee Gees return to top?” (NME, January 30) Added by Anne Marie
    3. “What the Bee Gees mean to me” (Rolling Stone, February)
    4. “…Although the new ‘digger’ digs them” (Disc and Music Echo, May 29) Added by Anne Marie
    5. “We sell as many records as Marc Bolan, say the Bee Gees but…” (Disc & Music Echo, Nov 27) Added by Anne Marie


    1. “Bee Gees – No change!” (Record Mirror, February 26) Added by Anne Marie


    1. “We just want to write songs” (Record Mirror, June 16) Added by Anne Marie


    1. “Idolo ingles in feiras no Rio” (Contigo) Added by Mauricio Trilha


    1. “How can you mend a broken group?” (Rolling Stone, July 14)
    2. “The Bee Gees’ secret weapon” (Teen Bag, August)


    1. “How the Bee Gees captured America” (Melody Maker, January 21)
    2. “The Bee Gees catch Saturday Night Fever” (Circus, February 2) Added by Alice DiJoseph
    3. “The Bee Gees Straight Talkin” (Songwriter Magazine, February)
    4. “Andy Gibb: A Star Overnight” (TG Magazine, March)
    5. “The Bee Gees, pop’s golden oldies…” (People Mag. June 2)
    6. “At Home With Maurice Gibb” (TG Magazine, Sept)


    1. “Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive In Too Much Heaven” (Rolling Stone, May 17)
    2. “Hanging out with the Bee Gees” (People Magazine, August 6) Added by Kristi Shadrick
    3. “56 000 fans kamen zu ihrer super-show” (Bravo, September 6) [In German and in English] Added by Alice DiJoseph
    4. “They want to split and go solo” (1979)
    5. “The Bee Gee marriage that’s stayin alive” (Australian Women’s Magazine, Oct 24)
    6. “Changing their tune and their fortunes” (TV Guide, November 10)



    1. “Barry Gibb: Does he really like disco music?” (Teen Beat, January)


    1. “£5 million sting! Bee Gee Robin tells of plot by wife Molly” (Daily Mirror, July 20)


    1. “Our boys” (Woman Magazine, February)


    1. “Copyright nightmare haunts Bee Gees” (New York Times, April 6) Added by VallyVal
    2. “£1 million cost of broken marriage” (Scottish Daily Press, May 26)


    1. “Bee Gee Robin falls for porn queen amid divorce triangle” (January)
    2. “Gibb tunes up his own tourney” (Miami Herald, November 21)


    1. “Barry Gibb tormented by his brother’s death” (Woman’s Day, September)



    1. “Bringer of joy in a year full of sadness” (Sunday Daily Telegraph, January 3)
    2. The Bee Gees on Taratata (Interview on French TV) Added by Alli Leleux


    1. “How deep is your love for the Bee Gees?” (Houston Press, May 11)
    2. “Pushing back the frontiers of sexuality” (OK! Magazine, May)


    1. Andy Gibb. The story behind the music (VH1)
    2. “Bee Gees: ‘Still’ taking chances (Billboard, February 15) Added by VallyVal
    3. “Alive & Kicking” (Entertainment Weekly, May 23)
    4. “Bee Gees fever renewed…” (Billboard, May 24) Added by Juan Cristobal
    5. “The Bee Gees” (Rolling Stone, May 29)
    6. “Women, drugs and drink” (Daily Express, October 23)
    7. Barry Gibb interviewed by Live (December)
    8. Maurice comments on the Clive Anderson interview Come home to Ellan Vannin. Follow-up)


    1. “Bee Gees honour Andy Gibb with new song” (Reuters)
    2. “Heroin trauma haunts Bee Gee veteran” (Sunday Times, November 8) Added by Sharon Lee
    3. “Ten questions for Barry Gibb” (Mojo, February)


    1. “The Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive” (Mix, October)


    1. This Is Where I Came In – The Official Stiory Of The Bee Gees Added by Jim Carino
    2. “From superstars to pop pariahs and back again” (Daily Express, March 3)
    3. “Barry’s secret tragedy” (The Mirror, March 24)
    4. BBC interview with Robin Gibb (excerpt)
    5. “You lookin’ at me?” (Mojo, May)
    6. “Stayin’ alive” (OK On Air interview with Maurice Gibb)
    7. Reuters interview with Robin Gibb (May)
    8. In Conversation with Maurice Gibb (In Conversation, May 21)
    9. “The rogue gene” (Mojo, June)
    10. “Bee Gees Stayin’ alive” (Toronto Sun)
    11. “Stayin’ afloat” (People Magazine, July 2)
    12. Bee Gees on Larry King (Taped in September)


    1. “A little jive talkin’ with a Bee Gee” (San Francisco Chronicle, January 27)
    2. “Interview with Maurice Gibb” (Crossfire Magazine, January)
    3. On the Watchtower – Albhy Galuten ’68 (Berklee Today, Summer) Added by Thomas Dirzininkas
    4. “Memories: Robin Gibb” (ABC, August 26)
    5. “Lulu and her lovers” (Daily Record, September 16)
    6. Robin Gibb on Frank Skinner Live (ITV, September 29)
    7. “The flag he flew” (Mojo, December 12) Added by Robert Kim / David Yang
    8. Robin Gibb interview with Wave 105 (December)


    1. BBC interview with Barry and Robin (Jan. 12)
    2. “Final farewell to the ‘quiet’ Bee Gee” (The Scotsman, Jan 13)
    3. “Bee Gee’s happy times in Sussex” (The Argus, Jan 13) Added by Sarah Hutchinson
    4. Robin Gibb’s interview with Steve Wright (January)
    5. “I remember Maurice Gibb” (The Star – January 14) Added by Alli
    6. Robin Gibb on GMTV (January 22)
    7. “How deep is my love” (Saturday Magazine, Feb 1)
    8. “Life after tragedy” (The Guardian, Feb 22)
    9. The Bee Gees are Grammy Legends (Feb 23)
    10. “Talking money with Barry Gibb” (New York Times, May 11)
    11. Robin Gibb in Spain (June)
    12. “Last records of a Bee Gee’s life” (Sunday Times, June 22)
    13. “Gibb memorial park to be put on ballot” (Miami Herald, July 10)
    14. “Being Robin Gibb” (BBC’s Fame Academy, August 21)
    15. “A lesson from a legend” (BBC’s Fame Academy, August 21)
    16. “I refuse to believe my brother is dead” (Daily Mail, August) Added by Juan Cristobal and Marcio Bernardes
    17. Robin Gibb and Aistair Griffin interviewed on ‘This Morning’ (ITV, December 4)
    18. Psychic story Added by Leann Mckeever


    1. “Late Bee Gee musician helped police bust burglary gang” (AP, February 2)
    2. “Bee Gee’s family to settle over death” (The Scotsman, February 15)
    3. Bee Gees Doctors in Music (May 12)
    4. Maurice Gibb studio (May 12)
    5. Bee Gees collect CBEs (May 27)
    6. “Bee Gees credit Australia for success” (AAP, May 28) Added by Juan Cristobal
    7. Tribute to Bee Gees in Australia (Sydney Morning Herald, May 29)
    8. “The secret of stayin alive” (Sunday Independent, June 13)
    9. “My boys: The Bee Gees” (Woman’s Weekly, August) Added by A. DiJoseph
    10. Robin Gibb in German magazines (September. In German) Added by Marj L
    11. “Robin Gibb: Bee Gees by Three” (Diner’s Club Magazine, September) Added by Marj.L. / Marion Budde
    12. “Requiem for dead brother” (Bunte) Added by Marj.L. / Marion Budde
    13. “A holy place for love” (Neue Revue, September) Added by Marj.L. / Marion Budde
    14. “Bee Gee widow to inherit £35 million” (Daily Mail, October) Added by Alice Erkers, James & Kelly Reed
    15. Robin Gibb interviewed by Simon Mayo (BBC Radio 2, November) Added by Glenna Marie Helton
    16. “Singing again without Mo” (Sunday Times, November) Added by Anne Marie
    17. “Gibb saves the crows” (Contact Music, December 1)
    18. Robin Gibb and Barbara Gibb interview (Hello, December)
    19. Richard and Judy: Robin Gibb interview (Channel 4, December 3)


    1. Des & Mel: Robin Gibb interview (ITV, January 27)
    2. Barry Gibb interview (The Sunday Times, March 6) Added by Marj L. / Carole
    3. “Streisand set to record album produced by Barry Gibb” (Press Release, April 1) Added by Meg
    4. “Ironing secret to Bee Gee success” (Manchester Online, South Manchester Reporter, April 14) Added by James and Kelly Reed
    5. “North Miami welcomes back Barry Gibb” (April)
    6. “Close encounters of the Robin kind” (Manila Bulletin, July 6)
    7. “Bee Gees fever still raging and set to spread” (Billboard, July 8)
    8. “Sir Paul hands out Bee Gee Degree” (BBC, July 29)
    9. “Magnetic Robin Gibb” (The Star Online, August 15)
    10. “Saturday night fever” (The Star Online,August 22) Added by Marj L
    11. “Staying Alive?” (Bangkok Post, August 26)
    12. “Robin Gibb arrives on a high note” (Taipei Times, August 26)
    13. “Tragedy! Robin is not coming” (SouthAsian Media, August 28)
    14. “Night Fever’s Strikes” (Miami Sun Post, September 15) Added by Marj L
    15. “Working with the best” (The Advocate, October 6)
    16. Robin Gibb Deal (BusinessWire, October 21)
    17. Gibb Bros on ET (November 7-10)
    18. “Battle of the Bee Gees” (Daily Mail, November 12)
    19. “I miss being at the studio” (Clarin, November 24) Added by Ana


    1. Samantha Gibb talks about her father, Maurice Gibb (The Mail On Sunday, January 1) Added by Anne Marie
    2. Barry Gibb buys Johnny Cash’s home in Tennessee (January)
    3. “SSL AWS 900 Workstation Assists on Streisand Album” (January 16)
    4. Bee Gee grava mensagem para banda de cover brasileira (January) Added by Mauricio Trilha
    5. Rogers hated “Islands in the stream” – until Parton came along (CMT, February 3)
    6. Bee Gees catalog shifts to Rhino (February)
    7. Robin Gibb interview (That’s Shanghai Magazine, May 1)
    8. Bee Gees get Ivor Novello Award (May 25)
    9. “Bee Gees’ singer Gibb has Heat fever” (Palm Beach Post, June 19)
    10. “Heat Fanfare Reaches Every Corner Of Miami” (CBS, June)
    11. “Barry Gibb chooses Solid State Logic AWS 900 Analogue workstation system” (Film and Video, August 9)
    12. “Bee Gees-member in flight drama over Sweden” (August 2006) Added by MoRobBaz
    13. “Robin Gibb: Will EU royalty changes come at creators’ expense?” (Eurobserver, September 19)
    14. Robin Gibb in the Philippines (Philstar, November 20)
    15. Sylvester Stallone and the Bee Gees (Anticool, December) Added by Steven Johnson
    16. “Barry Gibb restores Cash house and plans to make country album” (Tennessean, December 14)
    17. “Nashville’s Elite Offer Barry Gibb a Warm Welcome” (BMI, December 19)
    18. “Bee Gee estate in Miami Beach changes hands” (Miami Herald, December 24)
    19. “The Blairs’ holiday at Robin’s house in Miami Beach” (December 27-31) Added by Dee Cheek, Jennifer Nelson and Ana


  1. Barry Gibb’s chat sessions (2005-2007) Added by Anne Marie, Mary Evans, Ana, Billie Milstead
  2. “How deep is their love” (Belfast Telegraph, January 5)
  3. “Bee Gees: La secreta grandeza” (El Pais, January 14) Added by Juan Cristobal and “Seegeeb”
  4. “Bee Gee star appears in Israel” (Israel Today, January 14)
  5. “The tale of Johnny Cash’s home and girl named Sue” (Scotsman, January)
  6. Maurice Gibb Park dedication (March 4)
  7. “Name’s staying alive” (Miami Herald, March 11) Added by Ana
  8. “Barry’s house in Tennessee burns down” (April)
  9. Robin Gibb at the Energy Globe Awards (April 11)
  10. Barry  Gibb on American Idol (May 8 & 9)
  11. BMI Icons (May 15)
  12. “Blake regrets Bee Gees snub” (PR Inside, August 29)
  13. Barry Gibb meets fans (September 5)
  14. “30 Years of Fever” (MSN, September)
  15. “Disco Fever” (Star Central, September 14)
  16. “Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb Isn’t Jive Talking” (Spinner, September 21)
  17. “Celebrities help local charity effort” (Wigan Today, October 16)
  18. Robin Gibb in Bulgaria (October 25)
  19. “Bee Gee’s boss flees inferno” (Daily Mail, October 25)
  20. “Alex James Meets… Robin Gibb” (Q Magazine, October)
  21. Spencer Gibb: “I’ve Got My Dad’s Fever To Succeed” (Sunday Express,  December 2) Added by Anne Marie
  22. Barry Gibb Live Chat Added by Billie Milstead