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 0-9(*) Not written by Barry, Robin and/or Maurice Gibb
(**) Written by Andy Gibb
2 years on
A day in the life (*)
A girl needs to love
A lonely violin
A long time ago
A woman (Sample: More than a woman)
Above and beyond
Above the law
After dark
Ain’t nothing gonna keep me from you
Alexandria good time
All around my clock
A breed apart
A child, a girl, a woman
A Dutch treat
A girl needs to love
A hat full of rain
A man in the wilderness
A touch apart
A Very special day
A word of love
Adam’s dream
After the laughter
All by myself
All of my life
All My Christmases came at once
All So Lonely
All the children
All the king’s horses
All the love in the world
All the way (*)
All this making love
All’s well that ends well 
Alone again 
An everlasting love
And I’ll be happy 
And the children laughing
All I have is now
All in your name
All our Christmases
Amorous aristocracy
Ain’t got no money
Alan Freeman Days
Alexandria good time
And the sun will shine
And the walls fell down
Angel of mercy 
Another cold and windy day
Another lonely night in New York (1983)
Another lonely night in New York (2003)
Anything for you 
Arrow through the heart 
As fast as I can 
August October 
Away in a manger (*)
After The Laughter
Amorous Aristocracy
A Word Of Love
And For You
Andrew alone
Andrew’s theme
Andy’s song
Arm of Justice
Agosto Ottobre
Baby as you turn away
Baby I’m losing you 
Barbara Came To Stay
Back home 
Back to the people 
Ballet of freedom
Bad bad dreams 
Bad girl 
Barker of the UFO 
Because (*)
Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite (*)
Bein’ home
Be my friend
Beat the drum
Better leave today
Between the laughter and the tears
Black diamond
Blackbush city lost
Bloomfield (The Loner)
Be who you are 
Big chance 
Birdie told me 
Black diamond 
Blue angels (Pras)
Sample: Grease)
Blue island 
Blue bird
Boogie child
Born a man
Born to be loved by you
Born again
Boy with a broken heart
Brave new World
Breaking up a darn good thing
Bridges crossing rivers
Bring out the thoughts in me
Boy on the road
Boys do fall in love 
Brand new heart 
Bridges Crossing Rivers
Broken bottles 
Bunbury afternoon 
Buried treasure 
Bury me down by the river
Bye bye blackbird (*) 
By the light of a burning candle
Between The Laughter And The Tears
Bring Out The Thoughts In Me
Boogie summer
Back in your arms
Broken Wings
By tomorrow
C is for cookie (*) 
Can’t keep a good man down 
Can’t you see that she’s mine (*) 
Carried away 
Carry that weight (*)
Castles in the air 
C’est la vie, au revoir
Chain reaction 
Changin’ me 
Cherry red 
Childhood days
Children of Israel
Call it what you like
Chapter one “Record breakers”
Chequered flag
Chocolate symphony
Children of the world 
City of angels
Close another door 
Closer than close 
Clyde O’Reilly
Cold be my days
Come fly with me (*)
Come home Johnny Bridie 
Come on over
Come some Christmas Eve Or Halloween
C’mon t’appalais
Come to the mission
Come tomorrow 
Could it be 
Country lanes 
Country woman 
Cover you 
Cowman, milk your cow 
Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts
Crazy for your love 
Crime of passion 
Crystal Bay 
Cryin’ Every Day 
Cucumber castle
Chocolate Symphony
Completely Unoriginal
Concerto with no name
Cruel world (ordinary lives)
Cucumber Castle Theme
Daydream (*)
Day time girl
Dear Mr. Kissinger
Deeply deeply me
Deja vu
Didn’t we call it (falling in love)
Dark star
Days of wine and roses
Deep in the dark of day
Did you receive my letter, Susan
Didn’t we call it (falling in love)
Distant relationship
Distant strangers
Don’t fall in love with me
Don’t forget me, Ida
Don’t forget to remember
Don’t give up on each other
Don’t let it happen again
Don’t rush (*)
Don’t say goodbye 
Don’t say no
Don’t blame me
Don’t cry alone
Don’t go now
Don’t make it all go wrong
Doubble Dating
Don’t stop the night
Don’t take my good times away
Don’t take away the magic
Don’t wanna live inside myself 
Don’t wanna wait forever (*)
Don’t you go, I need your love
Don’t you worry about me (*)
Down came the sun
Down the road
Down to earth
Do you love her
Dreamin’ on
Daddies Little Girl
Deep In The Dark Of Day
Dr. Mann
Dream theme
Drown on the Rive


Had a lot of love last night
Hallelujah I love her so (*)
Happy ever after
Hark the herald angels sing (*)
Harry Braff
Harry’s gate
Hate in eyes (Mack 10) (Sample: Stayin alive)
Haunted house
Have you heard the word (*)
Heart (stop beating in time)
Heartbeat in exile
Heart like mine
Hearts on fire
Heavy breathing
He can’t love you
Help me
Here I am
He’s a liar
He’s a thief
Hey Jude (*)
High civilization 
Hold her in your hand 
Hold me 
Hold on (to my love) 
Home again rivers
Honey (Jay Z & R Kelly) (Sample: Love you inside out)
House of lords 
House of shame 
House without windows
How can you mend a broken heart 
How deep is your love 
How love was true 
How many birds 
How many sleeps
How old are you 
How to Fall in love Pt. 1 
Hudson’s fallen wind
Human being 
Human sacrifice
He Gives Us All His Love
I am the world 
I am your driver 
I believe in miracles 
I can bring love 
I can’t help it 
I can’t let you go 
I can’t see anything (but you) 
I can’t see nobody 
I cannot give you my love (single)
I cannot give you my love (album)
I close my eyes 
I could not love you more 
I don’t know why I bother with myself 
I don’t think it’s funny 
I don’t wanna be the one 
I held a party 
I just don’t like to be alone 
I just want to be your everything 
I just wanna to take care of you (it’s over)
I laugh in your face 
I lay down and die 
(I love) being in love with you 
I love you because (*)
I love you too much
(I saw) Three ships (*)
I should have stayed in bed
I started a joke
I still love you 
I surrender 
I wanna tell the world
I want home 
I want you (she’s so heavy) (*)
I was a lover a leader of men 
I was the child 
I will 
I will always love you 
I will be there 
I will love you
I’d like to leave if I may 
If I can’t have you
If I fell (*)
If I were the sky 
If only I had my mind on something else 
I’ll kiss your memory 
I’ll know what to do 
I’m not wearing make-up 
I’m satisfied 
I’m watching you 
I’m weeping 
In and out of love

In the heat of the night
In my own time

In search of love
In the bleak mid-winter (*)
In the heat of the night
In the morning (=Morning of my life) 
In the summer of his years 
In your diary 
In your world 
Indian gin and whisky dry
Indian summer
I. O. I. O.
Irons in the fire 
Irresistible force 
Irresponsible, unreliable, indispensable blues
Islands in the stream 
It doesn’t matter much to me 
It makes no difference 
It was a very good year (*)
It’s a surfing world
It’s just the way 
It’s my neighborhood 
It’s up to you
I’ve been hurt
I’ve come back 
I Have Decided To Join The Airforce
I’ve gotta get a message to you 
I’ve got you under my skin
(*)I’m Only MeI think I’m losing you
Jesus In Heaven
Jingle Jangle
Jim’s Theme
Jive Talkin’ 
Joints And Jam (Black Eyed Peas) (Sample: Grease)
Just In Case
Just One Look (*)
Just One More Night
Macclean’s JingleMaccleby’s Secret
Mack The Knife (*)
Make Believe
Make It Like A Memory 
Mando Bay 
Man For All Seasons
Man In The Middle
Man On Fire 
Marley Purt Drive 
Maypole Mews
Melody Fair 
Merrily Merry Eyes 
Messin Around
Man Burning
Man Of Man
Maybe Tomorrow
Me (Without You)
Melanie Glass
Messin’ Round
Method To My Madness 
Midsummer Nights 
Mind Over Matter 
Miracles Happen 
Monday’s Rain
Monday’s Rain [Single]
Moonlight Madness
More And More 
More Than A Woman 
Morning Of My Life / In The Morning 
Morning Sun
Most Of My Life
Miami, A Musical Score
Mike And The Mountain
Million Years
Millions Of Millions
Modern Girls
Modulating Maurice
Mother And Jack
Mother Of Love (Live)
Mother Of Love (Album) 
Mr. Natural 
Mrs. Gillespie’s refrigerator 
Mr. Wallor’s Wailing WallMy Destiny
My Eternal Love
My Life Has Been A Song 
My Lover’s Prayer 
My Old Man’s A Dustman (*)
My Thing 
My Way (*) 
My World
Mr. Good Memories Man
Mr. Lonely Place
Mr. Mod Man
Music Industry
My Baby Can
My Girl
My Lonely Place
My Love Life
My Love Won’t Take The Time
My Personal 9/11
My World (In The Palm Of Your Hands)
Sacred Trust 
Save Me, Save Me
Saved By The Bell
Saw A New Morning
Saying Goodbye
Scared Of Losing You
Sea Of Smiling Faces 
Search Find 
Second Hand People 
Secret Agent 
Secret Love 
Sesame Street Fever (*)
Sgt Pepper’s… (*)
Sgt Pepper’s… (Reprise) (*) 
Shadow Dancing 
Shape Of Things To Come 
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (*)
She Keeps On Coming
She Loves You (*)
Sail At My Side
Saturday Morning Saturday Night
Seagull’s Cry
Seven Birds Are Singing
Seven Seas Symphony
She Is Russia
She Says 
She’s Leaving Home (*) 
She’s The One You Love 
Shine Shine 
Silent Night (*) 
Silly Little Girl (Clip)
Sincere Relation
Sing Slowly Sisters
Sinking Ships 
Sir Geoffrey Saved The World 
Sitting In The Meadow 
Sky West And Crooked
Smile For Me 
Smoke And Mirrors
So Far So Good 
Soldier Johnny 
Somebody Stop The Music
Someone Belonging To
Someone I Ain’t 
Someone To Believe In 
Something Blowing
Somewhere (*)
Sound Of Love
She’s Hot
Silent Scream
Since I Lost You
Sing A Song Of Sisters
Siren Chase
So Long Boy
Soldier’s son
Somebody waits for me
Song for Davey
South Dakota Morning 
Special (*)
Spicks And Specks 
Spirits (Having Flown) 
Spread Your Wings (For Your Love) 
(Underneath the) Starlight of love
Stay Alone
Stayin’ Alive 
Still Waters Run Deep
Stop, Think Again 
Storm (Waiting In The) 
Stranger In A Strange Land
Such A Shame (*) 
Summer Ends 
Sun In My Morning 
Sun King (*) 
Surfer Boy 
Swan Song 
Sweet Song Of Summer 
System Of Love
Spirit Of The Snow
Square Cup
Strings And Things
Sub Cutaneous
Surfer Boy
Susan With The Beating Heart
Sweet Summer Rain
Take Hold Of That Star 
Take It Easy GreasyTelegraph To The Pine Trees
Terminal (Size Outtake)
That’s What I’ll Give To You
Take The Short Way Home
Talk To Me 
Technicolor Dreams 
Tell Me Why 
Terrible Way To Treat Your Baby 
The Band Will Meet Mr Justice
That’s Life (*) 
That’s What I’ll Give To You 
The Battle Of The Blue And Grey 
The British Opera
The Bridge 
The Chance Of Love 
The Change Is Made 
The Convo (Dmx) (Sample: Nights On Broadway) 
The Dame Edna Treatment
The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine 
The Ernest Of Being George 
The End (*) 
The Extra Mile 
The 1st Mistake I Made 
The First Noel (*)
The Flag I Flew
The Girl Next Door
The Greatest Man In The World 
The Hunter 
The Loner
The Change I See
The Complete And Utter History
The Echo Of Your Love
The Feel
The Girl To Share Each Day
The Happiest Days Of Your Life
The Heart Knows
The Hurt
The Intruders
The Longest Night 
The Lord 
The Love Inside
The Love Of A Woman 
Then You Left Me 
The Only Love
The Promise You Made
The Rescue Of Bonnie Prince Wally
The Runaway 
The Savage Is Loose
These Walls Have Eyes 
The Singer Sang His Song 
The Three Kisses Of Love 
The Twelfth Of Never (*)
The Walls Fell Down 
The Way It Was 
The Wishes We Share / Secrets
The Wishing Song 
The Woman In You
The Worst Girl In This Town 
They’ll Never Know 
They Say
(Love Is) Thicker Than Water 
This Is Where I Came In 
This Is Your Life
This Time 
This Woman
The Love That Was Lost
The Man Most Likely To Be
The Misunderstood
The One That I Love
The Only Way
The People’s Public Poke
The Square Cup
The Statesman
The Supernatural
The Victim
True Confessions 
Turn Around Look At Me (*) 
Turn Of The Century 
Turning Tide 
Twenty Miles To Blueland
Two People
The Way I Feel Today
The Way It Was
The Wishing Song
The Word
The Worst Girl In This Town
Theme From “Now Voyager”
There Goes My Heart Again
These Walls Have Eyes
They Say
They’ll Never Know
This Is The End
This Is Where I Came In
This Is Your Life
This Time
This Time ?
This Woman
Three Kisses Of Love
Throw A Penny 
Ticket To Ride (*) 
Till I Try
Time Is Passing By
Time Is Time 
Tint Of Blue
To Be Or Not To Be 
Tokyo Nights 
To Love Somebody 
Tomorrow Tomorrow 
Too Much Heaven 
Top Hat 
Touch And Understand Love
Town Of Tuxley Toymaker, Pt. 1 
Till I Try
To Dance Again
To Heaven And Back (Moon Anthem)
Today I Saw The Sun
Tomorrow Night
Too Many, Too Few
Too Much To Think About
Trash (*) 
Treacle Brown 
Tribute To An Unknown Love
Touch Me
Town Of Tuxley Toymaker, Part 1
Track Of The Cat
Treacle Brown
Tribute To An Unknown Love
True True Love
Turtle Dove
Two People
(Underneath The) Starlight Of Love
Un Milione Di AnniUndercover
Up The Revolution
UntitledUpstairs, Downstairs
Walk Before You RunWalk Between The Raindrops
Walking Back To Waterloo
Walking On Air 
Walkin Talkin Teardrops
Warm Ride 
Watch What You Say 
Watching The Hours Go By 
Watching You (*)
(We Are) Atomic 
We Can ConquerThe World
We Can Lift A Mountain 
Wedding Day 
Was It All In Vain
Watch What You Say
Watching The Hours Go By
Welcomed Friend
Westfield Mansions
We Lost The Road
We’re The Bunburys
We Tryin’ To Stay Alive (W. Jean) (Sample: Stayin’ Alive)
What Kind Of Fool
What A Wonderful YouWhat Could Have Been Done
What You Get Is What You See
What’s It All About
What’s New Mary Jane
When A Girl Cries
When Things Go Wrong
When Do
When He’s Gone 
When The Swallows Fly 
When Two Worlds Collide 
Where Are You 
Where Do I Go 
Where Is Your Sister 
Where Tomorrow Is 
Wherever You Are 
While I Play 
Whisper Whisper 
Who Knows What A Room Is
Who’s Been Writing On The Wall
When Two Worlds Collide
While i’m here
Whistle me
Will You Ever Let Me
Will You Love Me
Tomorrow (*) 
Wind Of Change
Wine And Women 
Wing And A Prayer 
Windows Of My World
Wing And A Prayer (Robin)
Wish You Were Here (Bee Gees Version)
Wish You Were Here (Robin Gibb Version) 
With A Little Help From My Friends (*)
With My Eyes Closed
With The Sun In My Eyes
Without Your Love 
Woman In Love 
Words Of A Fool
With All Nations
Words and music
Wouldn’t I Be Someone
World Beat