Love Is Blind


Written by:
Barry Gibb

Robin Gibb
Maurice Gibb

Performed by:
Human Nature

Human Nature: Walk the tightrope


Silent night, a lonely night
I didn’t mean to wake you up
I was leavin’ anyway

We never asked each other why
We only made each other cry

When the day becomes a night
And all that I have left inside
Is scattered on the wind

Didn’t I give you all that love could bring
Didn’t I give you more than everything
You know it hurts to end like this
When we’ve come so far

Don’t tell me love is blind
Cause I know what I see
Tell me how you walk away when all you’ve known is me

And all that might have been
And what we left behind
Don’t ever let a living person tell you love is blind

Memories of summer days
Laughin’ like a little child
Lyin’ in your arms

And we would own the suns like days of old
We’d make a vow to have and hold

Now we see the empty stage
The act is gone, the empty page
The tears between the lines

Save me from these wild imaginings
Try to stop my heart remembering
Acting like there’s someone else
When there’s only me

So tell me what to say
Tell me what to do
Tell me how to walk away when all I see is you
Shadows on the wall
Pictures in your mind
Never let a living person tell you love is blind

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