Músicas em filmes

THE MINI MOB / THE MINI AFFAIR (1968)- Words (Georgie Fame version)
– All our Christmases (The Majority version)
PENSIERO D’AMORE(1969)I’ve gotta get a message to you (Italian version – Pensiero D’Amore performed by Mal)THE MAGIC GARDEN OF STANLEY SWEETHEART(1970)Sound of love
MELODYS.W.A.L.K. (1971)In the morning / Melody fair / Spicks and specks /  Give your best / To love somebody / First of MayBLOOMFIELD / THE HERO (1972)The lonerSTARDUST (1974)I’ve gotta get a message to you
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (1977)Night fever/ How deep is your love/ If I can’t have you / More than a woman / Stayin’ alive / Jive talkin’ / You should be dancingTHE BOSS’ SON (1978)Nights on BroadwayTHE STUD (1978)Emotion (Samantha Sang version)
KILLERS TWO (1978)Stayin’ aliveFOUL PLAY (1978)Stayin’ aliveGREASE (1978)Grease (Frankie Valli version)
LUNA (1979)Night feverAIRPLANE! (1980)Stayin’ aliveTIMES SQUARE (1980)Help me
NEIGHBORS (1981)Stayin’ aliveNEVER SO DEEP (1981)How deep is your loveSTAYIN’ ALIVE (1983)The woman in you / I love you too much / Breakout / Someone belonging to someone / Life goes on / Stayin’ alive
A BREED APART (1984)A breed apart / Jim’s theme / Solitude / The intruders / On time / Mike and the mountain / Adam’s dream / A touch apart / The breed ending / Hold her in your handBLASTFIGHTER (1985)Evening star (Kenny Rogers version)URSULA AND GLENYS (1985)Islands in the stream
THE SUPERNATURALS (1985)The supernatural (score)

(Maurice Gibb appears on the film)

SHORT CIRCUIT (1986)More than a womanHAWKS (1988)System of love / Childhood days / My eternal love / Moonlight madness / Where tomorrow is / Celebration de la vie / Chain reaction / Cover you / Not in love at all / Letting go
LOOK WHO’S TALKING (1989)Stayin’ alivePENN AND TELLER GET KILLED (1989)I started a jokeCADILLAC MAN(1990)Stayin’ alive
HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID(1992)Stayin’ aliveCARLITO’S WAY (1993)You should be dancingMIDNIGHT WITNESS (1993)To love somebody
THE WRONG MAN (1993)To love somebodyGRUMPY OLD MEN (1993)Stayin’ aliveTRUE LIES (1994)More than a woman
NAKED GUN 33 1/3 (1994)Stayin’ aliveGRUMPIER OLD MEN (1995)Stayin’ aliveA GOOFY MOVIE (1995)Stayin’ alive
LET IT BE ME (1995)Stayin’ aliveVIRTUOSITY (1995)Stayin’ aliveBUSHWHACKED (1995)Stayin’ alive
SWINGERS (1996)Stayin’ alive (Marty and Elayne version)MR RELIABLE (1996)Only one woman (The Marbles version)SUPERCOP (1996)Stayin’ alive (Siobhan Lynch version)
MARS ATTACKS (1996)Stayin’ aliveDONNIE BRASCO (1997)How deep is your loveHURRICANE STREETS (1997)Stayin alive (Supple version)
THANK GOD HE MET LIZZIE (AUS) / THE WEDDING PARTY (USA) (1997)I started a jokeHEAVEN’S BURNING (1997)Don’t forget to rememberPLAYING GOD (1997)Jive talkin’
ROMY AND MICHELLE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION (1997)Stayin’ alive (N’Trance version)BULWORTH (1998)Islands in the stream (Pras version: Ghetto superstar)THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT / FOREVER FEVER  (1998)
Stayin alive (October Cherries version) / You should be dancing (Jai version) / Jive talkin (Jai version) / How deep is your love (Chris Vadham version)
A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY (1998)Stayin’ alivePAULIE (1998)Stayin’ aliveGOOD WILL HUNTING (1998)How can you mend a broken heart
BABY GENIUSES (1999)Stayin’ aliveNOTTING HILL (1999)How can you mend a broken heart (Al Green version)FINAL RINSE (1999)I started a joke
MYSTERY MEN (1999)Night feverBIG DADDY (1999)If I can’t have youNOWHERE TO HIDE (1999)Holiday
CLUBLAND (1999)Stayin’ alive (Supple version)FOOD FOR THOUGHT (1999)Stayin aliveDEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO  (1999)We trying to stay alive (Wyclef Jean’s version of Stayin’ alive)
THE VIRGIN SUICIDES (1999)-  Run to me
–  How can you mend a broken heart (Al Green version)
VERTICAL LIMIT (2000)Only one woman (The Marbles version)READY TO RUMBLE (2000)How Deep Is Your LoveSWORDFISH (2001)The Word (performed by D. Smugglaz;  with a sample of ‘Grease’)
Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN (2001)To love somebody (Eagle Eye Cherry version)ZOOLANDER (2001)I started a joke (The Wallflowers version)SHREK (2001)Stayin’ alive
JAY AND THE SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK (2001)Too much heavenTHE HOT CHICK (2002)More than a womanTONGAN NINJA (2002)How deep is your love
ANGER MANAGEMENT (2003)How deep is your loveTHE IN-LAWS (2003)Wedding dayCHARLIE’S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE (2003)I just want to be your everything
A GUY THING (2003)Islands in the streamARGO (2004)Night feverSTRANGE BEDFELLOWS (2004)Stayin’ alive
SHARK TALE (2004)You should be dancing

(The song can be heard in the bonus scene)

CHICKEN LITTLE (2005)Stayin’ alive

(The pig-character sings a few lines of “Stayin alive” when they are in the spaceship)

ROLL BOUNCE (2005)Emotion
MADAGASCAR (2005)Stayin’ aliveHOLIDAY (2006)HolidayARTIC TALE (2007)Underworld
DEAL (2007)Drown on the riverI NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY (2007)How can you mend a broken heartSEX AND THE CITY (2008)How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (performed by Al Green feat. Joss Stone)
How Deep Is Your Love (performed by The Bird & The Bee).