Midnight Special 73 Part 2



22 1-22 22/Jun/73 Hosts: The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees (guest hosts)“”I Gotta Get a Message to You,”””
The Bee Gees“”Alexander’s Rag Time Band,””
The Bee Gees“”Run to Me,””


The Bee Gees“”Morning of My Life,””
The Bee Gees“”Holiday,””
The Bee Gees“”Let There Be Love,””
The Bee Gees“”My World”
The Bee Gees“”Wouldn’t I be Someone””
The Bee Gees and Wilson Pickett“”Hey Jude””


29 1-29 10/Aug/73 Hosts: The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees (guest hosts)“”New York Mining Disaster 1941,””
“”Turn of the Century””
“”I Can’t See Nobody””


34 2-01 14/Sep/73 Host: Curtis Mayfield
The Bee Gees“”Lonely Days””
“”Run to Me””


38 2-05 12/Oct/73 Hosts: The Bee Gees
The Bee Gees (guest hosts)“”Massachusetts,””
“”Lay It on Me,””
“”Bye Bye Blackbird””
“”Alone Again””
The Bee Gees and Chuck Berry“”Reelin’ and Rockin'””
“”Johnny B. Goode””


44 2-1123/Nov/73 Host: Peter Noone
The Bee Gees“Bad Bad Dreams”
“Don’t Wanna Be the One”