Written by:
Joe Raposo
Lead vocals:
Robin Gibb
Sesame street fever

(Transcript by
Marne Grinolds)

 Sometimes it’s lying on a beach
Or down an alley out of reach.
Trash, I love it.
What other people throw away
I try to save for a rainy day.
Trash, I love it.
You see I wasn’t born with much
‘Cept the sun and the moon and such,
 So I handle it all carefully.
Trash is everything to me.
The busted strings and ragged ends,
The broken things that no one mends.
Trash, I love it.
The schemes that only last a day,
The games I’m just too old to play.
Trash, I love it.
But when I feel I’m wearing thin,
Regretting things that might have been,
I settle down quite peaceably.
Trash is everything to me.
Sometimes I think I’d like to fly,
Touch a star or reach the sky.
Trash, I love it.
But every dream that slips away
The fact that gets me through the day
Trash, I love it.
It’s not that I don’t understand,
But when the great things that I’ve planned
Just get wrecked eventually,
 Trash, it’s everything to me.



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