I Don’t Know Why I Bother With Myself


Written by:
Robin Gibb
Lead vocals:
Robin Gibb
-Monday’s rain (1966)
-Brilliant from birth
<compilation> (1998)

I’m a fool, I’ve taken no advice,
and I’m so cruel, I’m talking to you nice,
but then again you may not take me back,
oh, just to put my handbag on your rack.
Guess I don’t know why I bother with myself.
You will find a part of me in someone else.
I never argued with the fact that she is mine.
I only hurt her and kissed her three times out of nine.
You have the edge to talk to men and make them feel at home.
You spent that every lasting cent on someone that’s not your own.

Bear with me there’s bound to be a chance
to heal the wound and start back our romance.
I gained a heart and part of it is yours.
Oh, just to see my love walk through these doors.
Oh, and my life’s bound out ahead, I cannot look,
and if you read me, then I am just a book.
You don’t care if rain falls in my room.
You won’t be there if trouble fills my spoon.
I’m just a clown that plays around with misery in my way,
forgetting all the rules of love…

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