Andy Gibb Álbuns Solo

Andy Gibb Álbuns Solo

gibbandy-flowingrivers1977 – Flowing Rivers

ag-avatar1978 – Shadow Dancing

gibbandy-afterdark1980 – After Dark

andysgreatest1991 – Andy Gibb

andymillenium 2001 – Andy Gibb: Millennium



atth1978 – Andy Gibb – Arrow Through the Heart

andy-rrshow811981 – Live at the Ronald Reagan show

andy-liveinbrazil1984 – Live in Brazil

andyliverivera1984 – Live at Rivera Hotel

andychile841984 – Live in Chile


fairmontnew-aAndy Gibb Live At The Fairmont Hotel (8 Faixas)

andyfairAndy Live At The Fairmont Hotel (31 Faixas)

andyrehearsalsThe Rehearsals

andy-penzanceMerv Griffin Show Pirates Of Penzance

andy-lostandfoundLost & Found

andycaesarLive At Ceasar’s Palace