Unreleased Álbum

A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants

Gravado Outubro 1972, The Record Plant, Los Angeles

Janeiro 1973, Londres

Duração  52:13


Faixa Título Vocal: Duração
1 Elisa R., M., and B. Gibb 2:48
2 Wouldn’t I Be Someone B., and R. Gibb 5:41
3 A Lonely Violin Barry Gibb 3:08
4 Losers And Lovers B., R. Gibb 3:11
5 Home Again Rivers Robin Gibb 3:13
6 Harry’s Gate B,. R,. Gibb 3:24
7 Rocky L.A. B., R., Gibb 3:45
8 Castles In The Air Barry Gibb 3:36
9 Where Is Your Sister Barry Gibb 3:05
10 It Doesn’t Matter Much To Me B., R., Gibb 4:28
11 King And Country Barry Gibb 5:20
12 Jesus In Heaven Barry Gibb 3:20
13 Life Am I Wasting My Time B., R. Gibb 2:57
14 Dear Mr. Kissinger B., R. Gibb 4:09
Faixa 1 a 10 – The Record Plant 1972

Faixa 11 a 14 – Londres 1973



vocals, guitar Barry Gibb
vocals Robin Gibb
vocals, bass, piano, keyboard, guitar Maurice Gib
guitar Alan Kendall
drums Jim Keltner



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A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants

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