Conferência em Pretoria, Africa do Sul.


Nov 14, 97 Las Vegas, USA MGM Grand Hotel [16,000] Celine Dione joined them to sing Immortality (Taped and released)
Aug 29, 98 Dublin, Ireland RDS Stadium [40,000]
Sep 5, 98 London, Britain Wembley Stadium [56,000]
Oct 17, 98 Buenos Aires, Argentina Boca Juniors Stadium [40,000]
Nov 28, 98 Pretoria, South Africa Loftus Versveld Stadium. The concert was shown live in over 2,000 Walmart Stores in the USA.
Mar 20, 99 Auckland, New Zealand Western Springs Stadium [60,000]
Mar 27, 99 Sydney, Australia Olympic Stadium [72,000]. . The concert was shown live on TV.


The Band:

Alan Kendall guitars
Matt Bonelli bass
Steve Rucker drums, percussion
Ben Stivers keyboards
Stephen Gibb guitar

In Australia Vince Melouney joined them on guitar to play Massachusetts, To love somebody and I’ve Gotta get a message to you.



Participação especial de Celine Dion em alguns shows.



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Las Vegas, USA, 1997 (i don’t know why is written 1998)



Sydney, Australia 1999



Playlist (London):

You should be dancing
To love somebody
I’ve gotta get a message to you
Closer than close
Islands in the stream
For whom the bell tolls
Don’t throw it all away
Night fever
More than a woman
Lonely days

New York mining disaster
Too much heaven
I can’t see nobody
And the sun will shine
How can you mend a broken heart

Ellan Vannin
Chain reaction
I started a joke
You win agai>n
Jive talkin’
How deep is your love
Stayin’ alive
You should be dancing

In South Africa, also:
Melody fair
First of May

One Night Only Tour

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