Live In Melbourne 1974





Live In Melbourne 1974

1 Intro
2 Spicks & specks
3 Road to Alaska
4 Mr. Natural
5 And The Sun Will Shine
6 I Can’t See Nobody
7 Run To Me
8 Lay It On Me
9 In The Morning
10 Alexander’s Ragtime Band
11 To Love Somebody
12 I Started A Joke
13 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
14 Words
15 I’ve Gotta Get Message To You
16 Massachusetts
17 Lonely Days



Produced By Graeme Payne
Directed By Brendan McKenna
Operations Executive Peter Bramley
Lighting Direction Ken Mancock
Technical Director David Perry
Audio Barry Fernandes
Art Direction Ray Watt
Cameraman Joe Wharton
John Gilby
Harold Cullum
Ray Ackerly
Don Muir


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