Live In Soundstage 1975






Live in Soundstage 1975

1 Intro: Barry, Robin & Maurice
2 I Gotta Get A Message To You
3 Edge Of The Universe
4 New York Mining Disaster 1941
5 Run To Me
6 World
7 I Can’t See Nobody
8 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
9 Q & A with the audience
10 Lollipop
11 Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
12 Bye Bye Love
13 Nights On Broadway
14 To Love Somebody (Duet with Yvonne Elliman)
15 Steady as You Go (Yvonne Elliman Band)
16 Road To Alaska
17 Lonely Days
18 Jive Talkin’


Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich
Associate Producer Director Dave Erdman
Associate Producer Eliot Wald
Associate Director Cynthia Southon
Technical Supervisor Tony Ciesniewski
Audio John Kennamer
Video Joe Flores
Lighting Designer Thomas Markle
Set Designer Michael Loewenstein
Cameramen Ken Clybor
Susan Smeyak
Rich Well
Tim Snell
Video Tape Recording Joe Pellettiere
Video Tape Editing Eldon Phillips
Floor Director Marvin Pienta
Audio Assistant Jerry Hanna
Floor Assistants Jim Gedwellas
Maurice Smith
Rex Victor
Special Thanks To: Jay Venetianer


Public Television Stations
Ford Foundation
Corp. For Public Broadcasting
Copyright 1975
Chicago Educational
Television Assoc.




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