Living Eyes




Álbum: Living Eyes
Lançamento February – June 1981
Gravado Criteria Studios, Miami Beach, Florida, United States (strings arrangement) Media Sound, New York City, United States (horns arrangement)
Gênero Rock, pop, acoustic rock
Duração 46:04


Faixa Título Compostior Vocal: Duração
A1 Living Eyes B.R.&M.Gibb
Lead vocals: Barry Gibb
Guitar – Barry Gibb, Slide Guitar – Chuck Kirkpatrick 4:16
A2 He’s A Liar B.R.&M.Gibb Lead vocals: Barry Gibb Brass – Boneroo Horns Synthesizer – George Bitzer 4:00
A3 Paradise B.R.&M.Gibb
Lead vocals: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb
A4 Don’t Fall In Love With Me B.R.&M.Gibb Lead vocals: Robin Gibb Brass – Brass Sextet 4:12
A5 Soldiers B.R.&M.Gibb Lead vocals: Barry Gibb 4:25
B1 I Still Love You B.R.&M.Gibb Lead vocals: Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb Lead Sitar – Chuck Kirkpatrick 4:24
B2 Wildflower B.R.&M.Gibb
Lead vocals: Maurice Gibb
B3 Nothing Could Be Good B.R.&M.Gibb and Albhy Galuten
Lead vocals: Barry Gibb
Guitar – Chuck Kirkpatrick 4:09
B4 Cryin’ Every Day B.R.&M.Gibb Lead vocals: Robin Gibb 4:01
B5 Be Who You Are Barry Gibb
Lead vocals: Barry Gibb
Be Who You Are Bass – Bob Glaub Brass – Brass Sextet Conductor [Introduction] – Gene Orloff Drums [Military Snare] – Joe Galdo Electric Piano [Rhodes] – David Wolinski
Recorded at Middle Ear studio in Miami Beach, February to June 1981Recorded at Middle Ear Inc. Miami
Strings recorded at Media Sound New York
Horns recorded at Criteria Studios Miami
Recorded on MCI’s JH-556 console & two JH24/24 recorders with JH-45 synchronizers
Mastered at Criteria Cutting Center, MiamiFoi gravado pela Polygram ex-Polydor. É o ultimo álbum com o selo RSO Records que foi vendida para a Polygram (atual Universal Music Group), a próxima gravadora seria a Warner com o álbum E.S.P


Álbuns Vendidos

Living Eyes
Canada – 100 000
Honk Kong – 25 000
Italy – 140 000
Japan – 39 000
Spain – 50 000
UK – 70 000
USA – 250 000
1 250 000


Versões – He’s Liar

Normal 4:00 September 1981
Demo 3:34
Demo (first cast) 4:14*
Instrumental 4:00
Extendida 5:56
Versão com a introdução maior 4:36 Rare Collection (Japan)



Heart (Stop Beating in Time)” (later recorded by Leo Sayer and released as a single)
Hold Her In Your Hand” (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb) (later recorded by Maurice Gibb in 1984 for the soundtrack to A Breed Apart)
Heat of the Night” – 4:02
“Loving You Is Killing Me”
Mind Over Matter” – 4:30
“The Promise You Made” – 3:14



Albhy Galuten,The Bee Gees, Karl Richardson Producer
Barry Gibb Vocal, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Robin Gibb Vocal
Maurice Gibb Vocal, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Don Felder guitar (A2, A3, A4, A5, B2)
Richard Tee piano (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B3)
Albhy Galuten synthesizer (A1, A2, A3, A5, B1, B4, B5)
George Bitzer piano (A1, A3, B2, B3); synthesizer (A2)
Harold Cowart bass (all except B4, B5)
Steve Gadd drums (A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B3)
Chuck Kirkpatrick guitar (A1, B3); sitar (B1)
George Terry guitar (A1, B5)
David Wolinski keyboards (B5)
Bob Glaub bass (B5)
Joe Galdo drums (B5)
Jeff Porcaro drums (A1, A5, B4)
Ralph McDonald percussion (A1, A2, A4)
Russ Kunkel drums (B2, B4, B5)
The Boneroo Horns and Brass Sextet Peter Graves (A2, A4, B5), Ken Faulk (A2, A4, B5), Brett Murphey (A2, A4, B5), Neil Bonsanti (A2), Don Bonsanti (A2), Whit Sidener (A2), Jerry Peel (A4, B5), Greg Lonnman (A4, B5), Ken Waldenpfuhl A4, B5)
strings arranged by Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten, Maurice Gibb; concertmaster Gene Orloff
horns arranged by Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten, Maurice Gibb
engineer: Karl Richardson, Don Gehman
Engineer [Assistant, Criteria]  Al Stegmeyer, Alex Clarke, Dennis Hetzendorfer
Engineer [Assistant, Digital Magnetics]  Jim Pace
Engineer [Assistant, Media Sound]  Don Brewer (2), Lincoln Clapp, Nick Kalliongis*
Engineer [Assistant, Middle Ear]   Dale Peterson, Sam Taylor
Photography By [Back Cover]  Bob Sherman
Photography By [Front Cover & Inner Spread]  Minsei Tominaga



Argentina 1981 RSO 2394 301
Australia 1981 RSO/PolyGram 2394 301
Belgium 1981 RSO 2394 301
Bulgary 1984 BALKANTON  BTA 11278
Colombia 1981 RSO 2394 301
France 1981 RSO 2394 301
Germany 1981 RSO 2394 301
Japan 1981 RSO MW-0012
Korea 1982 Sung Eum SEL 200 410
Netherlands 1981 RSO 2394 301
Slovakia 1983 Opus 9113 1149
Spain 1981 RSO 23 94 301
Switzerland 1981 RSO 2394 301
UK 1981 RSO RS BG 002
Uruguay 1981 RSO 2394 301
USA 1981 RSO RX-1-3098
Yugoslavia 1981 RTB ST 2420023


Standard 1981 RSO 32 16 301


Standard   Polydor 813 642-2
Korea 1995 DG 0271
Japan 1988 Polydor P28W25030
1993 Polydor POCP2244
2004 Polydor/Universal UICY-3819


He’s a liar / He’s a liar (instrumental) 7″ 1981 Argentina RSO 2090 568
Australia RSO 2090 568
Belgium RSO 2090 568
Brazil RSO 2090 568
Canada RSO RS-1066
France RSO 2090 568
Germany RSO 2090 568
Greece RSO 2090 568
Japan RSO DW 0019
Mexico RSO 1283
Netherlands RSO 2090 568
South Africa RSO PS 1227
Spain RSO 2090 568
12″ 1981 UK RSOX81
Netherlands RSO 2141 129
Living eyes / I still love you 7″ 1981 Australia RSO 2090 571
Belgium RSO 2090 571
Canada RSO RS-1067
Germany RSO 2090 571
Japan RSO DW 0021
Netherlands RSO 2090 571
Switzerland RSO 2090 571
UK RSO 2090 571
Paradise/Wildflower 7″ 1982 Germany RSO 2090 575
Paradise / Nothing could be good 7″ 1982 Japan RSO 7DW 0023


He’s a liar 12″ 1981 USA RSO RPO 1028
Living eyes sampler LP 1981 Japan RSO MI4126


 Billboard and Chart:

Título Pais e Posição
Living Eyes (álbum) UK# 73 US#41 DE#37 AU#30 IT#8 NO#6 JP#26 NZ#13 NL#21 CA#32 Spain#4 Sweden#18
Weeks UK# 8 US#9 (world) US#12 (billboard 200 and cash box) DE#37 AU#13 IT#8 NO#13 JP#19 NZ#4 NL#6 CA#6 Spain#24 Sweden#4

Compact Disc Release

The first ever CD
Living Eyes was chosen to be the first ever album to be manufactured on CD for demonstration purposes, as seen on the BBC TV program Tomorrow’s World in 1981, and was featured on the inaugural issue of the Compact Disc trade magazine.[3] It was the first Bee Gees album to be released on CD, in early 1983 when compact discs were first commercially available, though few were manufactured. After RSO Records was absorbed by Polygram Records, Living Eyes, ever so ironically, was the only Bee Gees album in their catalog not to be released on CD in the late 1980s, and ultimately became quite rare. To date, there is no word on whether Rhino Records or Reprise Records (who have reissued much of the Bee Gees back catalogue in recent years) will re-release it on CD. The album is, however, available as a download from iTunes and other online services.

Source: Wikipedia


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