Now Voyager Movie


Now Voyager Movie


With: Mark Hallet
Wayne Norman
Elaine Ashley
Maryam d’abo
Debbie Bishop
David English
Terence Taplin
Sarah Steadman
Eiji Kusuhara
Hugo De Vernier
Sonia De Waal
Sarah Collier
Susie Ann Watkins
Barbara Lynch
Laurel Casey
Ezell, pam, reggie, lloyd, enid, kathy And all the good folks from tallahassee


Dancers: Suzanne Perry
Robert Wheeler
Kim Reeder
Michael Ho
John Thornton
Kim St James
Annie Cox
Marta Welnowska
Serena Wilson
Paul Bailey
Robert Grimsey
Vince De Bono


Musicians in “fine line” Raf Ravenscroft
Jerome Rimson
Ray Carless
Foster Patterson
Mick Ralphs
Simon Kirke


Stunts Ken Sheppard
Bing Gwong
Andy Bradford
Tex Fuller
Ace Effects


2nd unit Steve Alcorn
Andy Carchrae
Graham Smith
Paul Englefield
Angus Hudson
Andy Friswell


Production Assistants Crispin Sharp
Mike Martin
Mark Souster


Stills: Richard Evans
Production Secretary: Lynn Taylor
Director’s p.a.: Careen Hertzog
Assistant Director: Philip Richardson
Casting: George Galitzine
Locations: Paul Raphael
Locations Assisant: Pom Hoare
Make-up: Michy Nakao
Hair Styling: Lundy Morrone
Costume Designer: Andrea Galer
Wardrobe Assistant Pam Tait
Props Master
Brian Humphrey
Construction Mike Ricard
Len Day
Rigger Alan Johnson
Lighting Terry Hunt Lights (London ltd)
Sparks Jim Knight
Micky Munroe
Dominick Seal
Sound Engineer Ian Voight
Camera Operator Steve Tickner
Focus Puller Adam Rogers
Grip Olly Hoeben


Choreography on “shatterproof” David Toguri
With Annie Cox
Additional Choreography Jimmy Cameron
Line Producer Anthony Taylor
Assistant Line Producer Sarah Wilson
Sound Dubbing Peter Christopherson
Richard Anstead
David Wooler
Editor Brad Adams
Assisted By Tim Cunningham
Russell King
Philip Richardson
on-line editing Colin Green
Dave Gardener
Adam Grant
Art Director Caroline Hanania
Dialogue David Gale
Screenplay Storm Thorgerson
Aubrey Powell
Peter Christopherson and Barry Gibb
Production Designer Andrew Mcalpine
Photography Peter Christopherson
Executive Producers Michael Kuhn
David Hockman
Producer Aubrey Powell
Director Storm Thorgerson


With Thanks To: Ray Quinn
Florida Motion Picture Bureau
Don Cesar Hotel, St Petersburg
Dougies Dine and Dance
Victoria Baths
Manchester City Council
Commander Gay, captain & crew of ss royalist
Charles Staffel, c.s enterprises
creative post Production
Metropolis Video
Studio Film Labs
Record Availabre on mca & polydor records
@ polygram musicvideo mcmlxxxiv



Fine Line


I Am Your Driver


Lesson In Love


One Night (For Lovers)




Shine Shine


Stay Alone




The Hunter




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