Redwood 1970




Redwood 1970

Dates: January, 31st and 1st February, 1970.

January, 31st, 1970 | Rockmine Almanac

Ex-Bee Gee, Robin Gibb‘s performance at a non-stop two day pop festival is cut short after only 30 minutes when fans break through fences and mob the stage. The singer, now pursuing a solo career, is taken away in an armoured van while security guards grapple with the fans. He had been paid $ 10,000 New Zealand (approx. £ 5,000) for a 90 minute set at the Redwood Park Festival in Swanson, a suburb of Aukland. He completed the set the next night after organisers appealed to fans for calm. No chances were being taken as he appeared with two security men on stage and four guard dogs in the wings.





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