Robin: Sing Slowly Sisters

 Robin Gibb “Sing Slowly Sisters”

robin gibb-sisters front


LançadoNunca Lançado
GravadoJaneiro, Fevereiro, Abril, Agosto, 1970, Londres


01Sing Slowly Sisters3:59undated January 1970
02Life2:2817 April 1970
03C’est La Vie, Au Revoir3:28undated January 1970
04Everything Is How You See Me2:40undated January 1970
05I’ve Been Hurt4:292 April 1970
06Iron In The Fire4:152 April 1970
07Cold Be My Days6:232 April 1970
08Avalanche4:15undated 1970
09The Flag That I Flew4:24undated 1970
10Return To Austria2:24undated February 1970
11Make Believe5:14undated 1970
12All’s Well, That Ends Well2:18undated 1970
13A Very Special Day2:59undated January 1970
14Sky West And Croocked2:36undated January 1970
15Engines, Aeroplanes2:1627 February 1970
16Great Ceasars Ghost3:08undated 1970
17Janice5:1018 August 1970
18You’re Going Away2:5918 August 1970


Recorded January and February 1970, LondonRecorded Abril, August 1970

All Written by Robin Gibb



vocal, guitar, pianoRobin Gibb
orchestra arranged byKenny Clayton
producer:Robin Gibb, Vic Lewis


robin gibb-sisters back

robin gibb-sisters front





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